Back ground on the Good trapping Company

Good trapping Company 
We are after all and from our roots an environmental company.
We strongly believe that the built environment is part of the extension of nature. And our job as custodians is to keep as much as possible  pests away from the property rather than dealing with them once they  have entered and caused damage. 
With sensible use of tools and preventative measures we believe that by and large we can reduce the use of poison as a form of control on mammals and the agonising slow death that comes with it. 
We believe that pest control should in theory be reamed bio diversity and environmental management for the built environment and it was in this spirit that we launched the Humane rodent control association. 
There is no way we will solve the pest and environmental problems, especially with rodents by simply applying more poison into the area. 
More so than ever pest control is a thinking person's business
Long term sustainable results require care and sensible planning and  management of pest control strategies. Adding more poison is the not the solution. 

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