Conservative party conference 2018


What I learnt from the Conservative party conference for pest control 

The countryside alliance along with BASC put on a great show on how the countryside and for those to work in it are the back bone of our country.

So often those who are engaged in pest control come from the  countryside community and the Tories were adamant that these communities will be protected post Brexit.

Michael Gove at the countryside alliance fringe event expressed full support for upland and relatively unproductive land which is farmed by the communities surrounding it. When the Common agricultural policy falls away so too the Conservative support will step up for these vulnerable communities. 

Apart from protecting communities, Teresa May stressed her commitment to business and the value of employment plus the innovation and ingenuity that commercialism can bring. 

The pest control industry employment of 100,000 will be secure with the Conservatives.

Here is the video on the debate on the issue of perception of cruelty. 





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