Fear and loathing of rat control

Fear and loathing of rat control
The trouble with rats, although they are highly intelligent creatures is age old problem of being associated with the black death plagues of the 16th century and modern day dystopia. 
This is a big distraction into understanding the rat and subsequently how best to control them.
It is interesting to look at cultures around the world which does not have the UK's history lessons on rats, the black death and disease in the slums in London. 
In fact, there are many cultures who treat rats with a form of elevation that we in the would attribute to a semi god. Take for example the Chinese, who name their calendar years after different mammals. The year of the Olympics in 2008  was the year of the Rat. In 2009 it was the year of the Ox. 
How the Chinese deal and consider rats is very different from the way UK citizen treat rats. The Chinese actually think rats are a suitable for of protein for human consumption. A rat will not live long in kitchen for the chef will dispatch and deliver the meat into one of the many noodle dishes.

To consider this in the UK to eat rats, especially ones that live and eat in close proximity to humans simply reduces our cognitive opportunity to understand the animal. And in doing so do a lot of damage with the use of poisons. Causing pain and suffering to a mammal which is one of the higher intelligent mammals on the planet. 
It is exactly this that we are failing to control rats with poison as they simply navigate their way around the poison using their cognitive ability. We need a new approach and the Goodnature traps are part of the answer. 

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