Game Fair, Hatfield House 2017

The Good trapping Company took a trip to the Game fair at Hatfield house in Hertfordshire. 

With the UK's largest collection of hunting, shooting and fishing shops it was hard to find many stands dedicated to traps and vermin control.Notably, the UK Government's rural payment scheme had a stand there. Informing farmers to how much money they are eligible for with the current subsidies and grants.



Game Fair Hatfield House 2017

A conversation with the stand attendants and they all were clear that the current subsidy regime will change a great deal post brexit. To an extent that farmers will not be getting nearly as much as they currently do for owning and farming their land. It is likely that the subsidies with be cut to almost 0. Becoming more aligned with a New Zealand model.

No doubt there will be some losers in the UK. However farmers who develop and adjust to the new regime with thrive and no cost to the tax payer.

Rural Payments Agency Game Fair
How does this affect vermin control and trap use?

Simply, the likely rise of cost of labour and higher environmental controls will mean the ineffective and unproductive use of poisons and single spring traps will be curtailed. Traps like the Goodnature reloading humane traps will come ever more popular. There is likely to be scrapping and a renewal of the Pest control acts, especially the spring trap approval orders. 

Further, land which would otherwise be sat idle like a woodland area will be expected to produce revenue. And with the grey squirrel in pest proportions, squirrels will become a key target specie to to be controlled.

In essence, the vermin control industry will move into the knowledge economy.