GoodNature Scenario: Cattle Barn

Location: Bucks - Indoor stables, Cattle barn, Vineyard 
Problem: Royal Rat attack 
Mission: Sniff Sniff – Kapow 
How to control the rats in a non-toxic, humane way, without risking livestock, dogs onsite or the other local wildlife.
Rats are part of the day-to-day faff & up to a point you can live in a symbiotic situ, until the balance turns and the fluffy rodents at the end of the field turn into fat rats literally knawing the foundations of your building. 
The rats here were holding the upper hand, runs through concrete, stable walls, ceiling… you can hear them scuttling about giggling in rat-lish about how they are coming back later.  The 1-2ft monsters stealing 5 whole bareburn apples overnight and a couple of times snuffling the meat from the staff sandwiches during the day. 
Poison, rat traps, dogs, air riffles… nothing seemed to make a difference.
Time to deploy the A24 GoodNature trap.
Indicator deployed
The Good Nature traps were simple to set-up, with advice of how to find the living quarters of the reining rat families. We set-up the indicators to know we were in the right spot, then super-simple put the rat-traps in play… and waited. 
For sure it took a few days, as rats are renowned to be neophobic and hate unfamiliar objects, but they soon got lured in and humanly extinguished. 
Although, I’ve never seen the white chalk outline of a slain rat corpse, the kill indicator is showing 5 after 1 week. We feel the traps are working but the dead rats are scavenged away.
Results: No panic about dogs, children being in danger and hopefully we are back to holding the trump cards after years of scuttling tyranny.
Cattle barn

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