Goodnature traps and drones

I was playing around with a drone in the garden this bank holiday Monday morning and I had a goodnature trap to hand.

It occurred to me how the future of  transport is pretty closely aligned with the development of drones. Whether it be freight or human transport the drone's development is now at a stage to disrupt the current incumbents in parts of the industry.
The first and most obvious use of drones would be transporting reasonably low value, low weight products which have a speedy delivery requirement. 
Goodnature traps and drone
What has this got to do with the future of traps?
I believe the same  analogy of drone development can be used with the development of humane, reloadable rodent traps like the Goodnature traps on the effect of the pest control industry. 
Why the pest control industry is ripe for innovation especially in rodent traps: 
1) we have a strong legislative movement away from the wholesale use of poison and maiming traps. Rodenticide is becoming more prohibitive to buy. 
2)More traditional traps deployed means more man hours to check them. 
3) Brexit means the low cost labour that the Pest control industry relies on is diminishing. 
4) Building compliance and food hygiene are as important as ever.
The future awaits the pest control industry and reloadable traps the same way the transport industry awaits drones.