Goodnature traps deployed in an office environment

Deploying the automatic goodnature traps inside an office brings a number of challenges. 

Firstly it demonstrates to the staff that there is a rodent problem. Or potential one where they work. 

Secondly with the success of the goodnature traps on the nice and rats in the office a carcass will appear. This will likely be visible and possibly striking to the staff. 

Thirdly, the noise of the Goodnature traps going off may frighten some colleagues.

I believe to do this and succeed without staff worries is to be totally open to what is being achieved.  Making reference of what is it preventing and how humane the GoodNature traps are. 

Poison is clearly understandable and inhumane to all. So to focus on what the Goodnature traps are doing in replace of poison I believe will be the fastest way for staff members to understand and be a positive light in its acceptance. 



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