Laws and invasive species

We have been writing recently on invasive species. Which although rats and mice are mostly not invasive in the UK. They certainly are on the closed eco systems of the world. Especially the islands. Here they are acutely felt as the invasive species thrive while pushing native animals out.

Ironically, some local laws actually prevent trapping of invasive species simply because it is illegal to touch or handle invasive species. 
This demonstrates that law and how the law is intercepted is an important tool in tackling the invasive species and rolling back their detrimental affects.


'As for now, trapping and eating nutria is illegal in California, because it's against the law to have an invasive species in your possession, according to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. That could change, though — provided there's an appetite'

Humane re loading trapping allowed in areas that you are allowed to handle invasive species provides an effective tool  in the recurring trapping effort to keep the pressures on the invasive species. 


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