Leg trap use is dangerous and mostly wrong

Thought to write a piece on the reason why humane traps like Goodnature traps are so important. 
News came in that a cat in New Zealand dragged itself along with a leg spring grip trap which had become attached to the cats leg to a field close to its home.

This is important illustration as to why traps that simply aim to grip and hold are a highly inhumane way of controlling rodents. 

I believe that these sorts of traps should be highly controlled to the extend to almost be banned.

Grip trap

Here is the leg of the cat after it was released: 

Cat leg in trap

The incident in New Zealand was covered by the local vet. Who goes on to explain:


"It's something that's definitely not uncommon.  I've seen five animals hurt by traps this year already.

"The effects are devastating for animals; they'll get stuck for days, and sometimes try to chew their limbs off to get out."

She said she'd like a total ban on leg hold traps. "No animal suffering is acceptable, especially when there are plenty of alternatives. It's not 1970."

For more information about the incident see here: