Multi kills for the goodnature A24 in a mixed use barn

Here, inside a mixed use barn there was clear evidence of rats living inside. Next to the hay and within the hay that was stacked up inside. (See photos) 

After reconnaissance we deployed the trap not where traditionally you would find the rats living, outside in earth burrows. But inside within hay burrows.

As you can see from the photos the rats lived within easy reach of the other livestock feed. Making it hard to distinguish the different between the rats home and the rats place of eating.

The GoodNature trap was deployed within the barn. Within 5 days the trap has had 7 kills.

As you can see from the photos the counter strike, plus the blood on the board behind. This is confirmation that rats generally given enough time will eat their dead own.

Mixed use barn

Behind the bales Good nature trap


 for more info and help please go to our GoodNature deployment guide.