NeoPhobia in Rats and Deploying the GoodNature trap

What does neophobia  mean in light of deploying the GoodNature traps. 

Simply rats are intelligent and observant animal. In order to survive and thrive in their environment rats need to be quite careful of new features in their landscape. 

By doing so, they let time prevail in giving the indication the new object in their environment is not a threat. 
This is very similar to most other mammals. 

How does this relate to deploying the GoodNature traps:
Taking the assumption that Seeing rats in an environment usually means they are thriving. 
Deploying a trap into this environment the rats are going to be suspicious of the object. 
Further, they are likely to ignore the feed lure. They will walk right on past. 
It is not the rats are picky. They are just clever and letting time tell them if it is safe to approach. 
Both rats and mice will travel along pre planned routes and thorough fares. (See rat behaviour here) Usually laid down by previous rats. Giving off occasional shiny paths as the paths get warn down the rodents feet. They will investigate to their limits of their horizon. Taking not of anything new and continually pushing out to find out sources of food. 
What usually happens if a rat will find the trap which has been deployed close to the rats harbour. E.g. their borrows. Through their discovery they will leave the trap for a day or two. They may initially nibble at the indicator pads which are too tempting to ignore.  

To further complicate the rats behaviour (See here for behaviour guide) they communicate with their off spring and other rats with the smell of the breath. 
Having chewed on the indicator pads, they will report back to their friends what this new, safe sort of food is found. This does not solve the neo phobia of the trap, but certainly increases the speed at which rats are happy to accept the new object in their environment
This is why it is very important to deploy the indicator pads as well as the trap. Because it also conditions the rats to the lure. 
The Good Nature trap is a closed, dark entrance point at which the rat enters. Rats, like a lot of mammals find being constricted with no exit point less conductive. Placing the lure paste around the base of the trap and on the inside helps provide a convincing rat environment. Especially as the trap is smelling of a lure that the rats have already tasted.
Entrance to the Good Nature trap Here is the entrance and mouth of the Good Nature trap.

All of this helps to reduce the neophobia in rats and increase the chances of the GoodNature trap being successful.