neophilia in Rats and deploying the GoodNature traps

neophilia in Rats and deploying the GoodNature traps: 

Deploying the GoodNature traps you need to begin to understand the mind of a mammal. The rat will often come out of their havens at night. Have very good eye sight, have a strong sense of smell and memorsise their surroundings. They have the intelligence to actively report to the other rats in their community where they find food. They do this through both noise making while eating and with their smell of their breath.
As we have talked about neo phobia in rats here. It is important to understand the counter side of neo phobia. Which is Neo phile. - Happy in an ever changing enviroment.

Rats like most mammals are naturally neo phobia. However, there are cases in the enviroment that reduce this natural inhibition to new objects in their surroundings and become neo philes. 

Examples of ever  changing environments. Including rubbish tips, active farm yards. game keeping stores, horse feed stores. Anywhere that humans are activity interacting with the objects in the enviroment. 

What does this mean when deploying the GoodNature trap: 
Simply, you need take into account how much the rats have been conditioned to new objects. And in doing so deploy the good nature trap in places that they feel comfortable interacting with. 
E.g. next to an active saddle rack in a horse tack room. Or a rubbish tip that  has a daily activity. 
Deploying the Good Nature trap in these areas will mean that they should be happy to approach the new deployed object reasonably quickly. 

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