Pest control future part 1

Writing in blogs before. How will Brexit and large political swings will  affect the pest control industry is rather difficult to predict.

This is a series at looking at the other industries to find parts of the answer. 

We can look for clues in the sounds that politicians are making as to how the next 15 years or current political paradigm will play out in other industries to see how it will change the pest control industry. 


Current and recent previous department of agricultural and rural affairs minister such as Michael Hove have stated that they want to further the high wealth fare and standards across  farming. Encouraging producers to get closer to their end users. 

Reducing the amount of government subsidy especially in livestock will drive quality as the USp. A wider more pragmatic range of animals will be begin to be farmed while some farmland, especially upland farmer land will cease all together producing livestock.

The higher interest from consumers from where their food comes from, better media mostly from the bloggers of youtube and new media networks will mean that food producers including farmers will begin to believe their product is ' From farm to fork' . Rather than just the fork. One eats with our heads first approach. 


Pessure on the pest control  

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