Rat Behaviour in the summer over the harvest

Over the summer months around harvest time there is an incredible amount of movement, both on the farm yard and in the fields. 

How do rats deal with this change? In previous blogs I have mentioned rats fear of the new. Called Neophobia. With a lot of movement in the yards and in the fields with the cut of the harvest the rats burrows are going to feel like the only safe space. 

A study by the University of Nebraska found that the female rats range post harvest (all be it within a rice field) actually decreased due to an increase in likely predation. 

The rats will stay in and around the field for 2 - 3 weeks post harvest before finding new homes with greater protection. This is compared to their pre harvest habit of refuge in and around the margins of the crops.

Why does this matter? Simply, when deploying the Goodnature trap one needs to be clear on rat bahaviour over the year. So when deploying you are fully aware if the rats homes are being moved, if there is a harvest coming, or the rats are settling in.