rats as pets helps to become a more humane pest controller

It's important, I believe to try to fully understand rats in order to be an effective and as humane as possible pest controller.

And to this end, I have two pet rats that live a happy life in a large cage with a lot of tunnels and running  areas for the two rats to play in. 
There are several things that are clearly noticeable when you have a pair of rats as pets. 
Their sense of smell is very good. Putting food away at the far end of the cage they will smell quickly even the dry food. 
Rats drink a lot. We know rats will live close to water supply to both drink and clean themselves and you can see this as they drink a great deal from the water supply in the cage. Filling it up most days. 
When handled regularly rats are both friendly and reasonably tame.
They are not really fussy when they eat. They will eat both dry and wet food. As long as they are not disturbed. 
Rats are clearly highly intelligent. Prevention is better than cure and if keeping rats as pets teach you one thing.
Rats become pests when we let them into the wrong places.
it is our job to keep them away. If they become a pest, humane fast acting traps that kill immediately are the best way to deal with them.
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