rodents islands and pest control

Recent reports in the BBC about Gough Island have shown the challenge that ground nesting birds, especially in an island environment have when faced with an invasion of rats and mice without pest control. 

The challenge for the birds is they have over thousands of years to the environment which has no rodents. With the arrival of whaling boats and then followed by tourist boats the rodents come ashore and flourish.

 They flourish on the easy prey which is the ground nesting birds. The rodents breed quickly, too quick for the ground nesting birds to adapt to the new threat. Huge pressure is put on the birds while the rodents run free and grow in number. 

What does this have to do with pest control:

Simply, invasive species especially the rat and mice will thrive quickly when no pressure is put on them. Whether it is in the built environment or out in the fields, when there is ample non defensive food about the rodents will thrive. 

This is particularly important in areas that are left to re wild. There is almost no point in re wilding if the area is inundated with rats and mice that kill anything that nests of the floor while at the same time not under pressure from foxes and other large predators. 


Sensible environmental pest control  provides one of the pillars of which we can maintain a high level of bio diversity  and keep the built environment hygienic without rodents. 







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