Shooting and sport as a form of pest control

Here at the Good Trapping company, we believe that sport has an effective tool in controlling vermin.

I have written a short guide on the jobs of Vermin shooting as a form of pest control.
Although sport is usually considered to organised when it comes to shooting, whether it be with the clay pigeon or the game shooting. Some of the finest moments of shooting can be found shooting vermin and can be the king of sports. 
Vermin shooting can be both exciting and dull in one excursion, not unlike more organised sport. It is unpredictable and if not done correctly can be highly dangerous to both oneself and often the infrastructure that the vermin live in or near by, such as barns and stables.
There are a few of things that one needs to consider before embarking on using a gun to exterminate vermin.
Consider what you are trying to achieve and are you suitably armed for the job. An example, if you aiming to shoot feral pigeons living in and around a barn a powerful shotgun is not going to be the best tool. A powerful air rifle is a useful tool when shooting in close proximity to buildings. Que you would need to be close enough to be within air rifle range and the for the birds to be stationary for this to be effective. 
Where are the vermin and how are they moving? If you are shooting rats while they are moving they usually stay close to walls and cover when disturbed. The most effective way would be to use a powerful lamp at night to catch the rats unaware and reduce their movement for a clean shot with an air rifle. Here is a blog on rat behaviour. 
The further away from buildings you get the less restrictions on the use of shot guns. Clear lines of sight and away from people will mean that a common way for shooting pigeons is luring them into a good safe position using pigeon decoys. Hours and whole days can be spent hidden in a field as pigeons come flying into the decoy patterns. The increased sophistication of decoys now include pigeon magnets, a colloquial name for a powered pigeon flapper, rather than a series of simple plastic decoys
Shooting foxes is best done with rifles. Although it is legal to shoot foxes with a shogun the large mammals have a higher chance of being maimed with a lower powered shogun. At night with a high powered torch with a calling mechanism in an open field is the most effective way of drawing foxes into a safe range to shoot.
Grey squirrels are the unenviable position of being the least welcome vermin in the countryside. Being an import from America, the grey Squirrel will cause damage to an eco-system that is not prepared to have them. Shooting grey squirrels is a must with which ever gun is suitable for the environment they are found.
There is of course the splat the rat competitions found at most village fetes.Which is a sport from the original sport of rat catching by hand. 
If one cannot shoot vermin, a humane, poison free and sometimes fun way of catching rats and squirrels is using the Goodnature traps.

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