Stables and rats. A solution

Visiting badminton horse trails this weekend with the Goodnature traps in hand. I was struck as to how many people have rodent problems in their stables. 

Not only is the idea of having rats sharing the stables with their horses, the idea of using poison in and around the stables is even more horrific.

Stables inevitably attract families. Who will bring their dogs. Stables will have cats visit attracted by the rats. Poison is definitely not the answer. 
The choices are slim. 
Deploy grasping traps like the mark 2 fenn trap, deploy noise an asymmetric pitches which rats do not like the sound off and humans cannot here, or deploy poison. 
The GoodNature traps now provide another tool in there armoury. Not only do they work once they have been fired but critically they provide a poison free solution.