The Battle for the Countryside: Britain should re wild its uplands

The Good Trapping Company went to the nature debate: 

The Battle for the Countryside: Britain should re wild its uplands....

Listening to the debates in the Emmanuel hall put on by Intelligence Squared. The speakers were passionate  speakers all agreed that the farming as it is cannot continue as it has. 

We have habitat destroyed and bio diversity is at its lowest ever recorded in the UK.

Re wilding the uplands is just one part of the solution. Wild flowers in the city, encouraging growth on the side of the roads and motorways.

We need more nature everywhere. From civic spaces to uplands hill. 

We should think that re wilding is not happening out there, away from the centres but actually it should be done in the town and cities of the UK.

We cannot go on as we are. We must remove the denuded attitude of the monoculture. 

As a business that promotes sympathetic, poison free humane control of rats we strongly believe in the bio diversity as a both a tool to help us in the control of the mammals  along with increased caring of nature in Britain.


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