The GoodNature traps deployed in a grain silo

Today we visited a grain silo which has several goodNature A24 traps deployed for the past week. 

GoodNature trap Deployment Challenge: 

The challenge is that unlike most other rat habitat around farming infrastructure where rats live outside in the nearby scrubland, in this instance the rats take it to live where they eat: Inside the barns.

And such the GoodNature traps will be deployed inside the barns.

Below you will see a number of photos of the grain drying silos where the GoodNature A24 is deployed in a number of locations. 

Where the Goodnature was success was made more probable with a higher chance of the rats eating and getting accustomed to the bait. 

I will give more comment below each photo and with the video:

The Result:

1) Here we found that although the indicator cards had been chewed there had been no strikes with the goodnature trap.

I believe that the height was too high for the rats to both rise up into and feel comfortable. As I have mentioned before in the blogs, rats are not comfortable at being constricted and will avoid if at all possible. Unless they are conditioned! Further, the trap was sitting above sheet metal. Making it slippery  and harder for the rats to rise up into the mouth of the GoodNature trap.


GoodNature Up high      GoodNature Traps


Trap 2; 

Here was clearly flush against the wall at a nice height. The trap has striked twice. Clear blood underneath the goodnature trap shows that the rats have been moved away and eaten by their own kind. 

GoodNature Rat droppings


Trap 3: 

Underneath the silos in the dark the trap had been deployed on a stand. 
Extra effort  was made due to the high volume of grain about to get the rats accustomed to the sweet taste of the lure.

GoodNature trap Grain silo


As you can see in the photo and watch in the video, the two dead rats are clearly visible. They have not been eaten by their own as I believe it is because there is enough other sources of food to keep their kind disinterested.  The floor is covered in grain.


The lesson here is that a high quantity of lure bait was placed around the silo. Making sure the rats were happy with the smell of the lure. Bearing in mind the lure had to compete with the attraction of the grain. It has taken a week of deployment. We believe the rats have only the night before been killed.



 We pulled the dead rats out which had not yet been eaten by their rat relatives. Here they are in the day light. 

Goodnature Kills  

 For more help and suggestions please read the deployment guide.

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