The UK Election and woodland management grants and rodent control

The UK government and the coming June 2017 Election: 

how does it affect the rodent control market? 

In brief; along with the Brexit negotiations the UK farming subsidiary regimes are set to change. The subsidiaries currently have a 5 year term. Now the UK is leaving the EU (Election Pending) forestry improvement subsidies will come under a great deal of scrutiny. 
The chances are that Countryside stewardship schemes, namely the Rural development programme designed to improve existing woodland will change, lilely downwards. (

How this affects the farming and forestry community is yet to be seen, however what we will know is that there will simply be less money available for woodland improvement. Rodent control is a key part of woodland improvement in the UK and we will have to work harder in achieving the same results.

We hope the the Good Trapping Company and the Goodnature traps can be part of the solution in a tighter subsidiary regime.