Victor Multi Kill Electronic Mouse Trap

The whole premise of the Good trapping company was to supply ethical alternatives to poison. With sophisticated humane kill traps for rodents. That neither maim nor kill non target species. 

We have a corporate aim to provide an alternative solution to poison for rodent control. By giving a curated shop for humane toxin free rodent kill traps that help solve or at least control the rodent challenge.

And such, we have a number of products that we have been testing and we are thrilled to add the Victor trap range, especially the multi kill trap M260 designed for mice. 

Watch this space as we bring you more choice starting with the Victor Multi kill Mouse trap:

  • Humane, high voltage shock kills mice in seconds
  • Kills 10 mice per setting
  • Kills 150 mice per set of batteries
  • 100% kill rate
  • No-touch, no-see experience

Victor electronic multi kill mice trap