When spring traps go wrong

Thee has been a few  accidents where traps have been brought into disrepute. Especially when they are catching animals that are not on the species list. 

The latest to come into the media spot light was a cat being caught be a spring trap. Cats are most definitely not on the species list for the spring fenn trap. And the graphic maiming of the cat by the trap shows that even the most trusted spring traps can cause serious maiming. See here for the article.

Why is the Goodnature trap any better? Quite simply, there is no way a pet cat or dog can get close the firing mechanism. Further the trap is not a break and hold trap so unlike the old fashioned fenn traps as seen in the article. The Goodnature traps do not grip.
The sping The use of spring traps is not illegal but is controlled by two pieces of legislation - the Pest Act 1954, and the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.
Fore more info about the pest Act and the approval order that is derived from there. Please go to https://www.goodtrappingcompany.co.uk/pages/the-spring-traps-approval

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