Hornets and Hornet control

Most hornets in the UK are likely to be the European Hornet specie. 

They are related to the wasp though they are less aggressive than the wasp accept if they feel threatened. There sting is somewhat worse than a wasp. 

Hornet control is important if you have a problem with this stinging insect as their bites may be just as painful as a wasp sting.

How to avoid a hornet sting

Reducing the risk of being painfully stung by a hornet the nest needs to be properly treated or removed. You should call a pest control quickly and if the hornets are not in the rooms, shut the windows. 

Mostly the nests are to be found in a wide range of locations including lofts and around the built environment. 

Protective clothing dealing with hornets is a must. 

If you have hornets, you can rely on the Good Trapping Company to deal with it quickly and succinctly.

Do not try and remove them youself