Pest Control Prices


Our prices are designed to be as clear as simple as possible. 
Bear in mind that the nature of pest control means that on occasion more visits are  required. 
However, the prices below are a good indication. Please call the office for a chat for further information: The prices below are excluding VAT: 
Rodents (rats,mice)    £170   3 x visits 1,  initial survey, bait laying and proofing if necessary 2, re baiting and checking proofing, 3 the removal of baits. 

cockroaches              £130 2 visits consisting of gel bait and spray treatment on the first visit and laying of insect monitors, repeat of gel and spray treatment on 2nd visit 
Ants                        £75      1 visit spray treatment, proofing if necessary 

Moles     £70       set up fee £15 for every mole caught

Squirrels                     £75        laying of traps and removal Wasp nests                £70        one off fee Bed Bugs                   £170       2 x visits with spray and fogging treatment on both visits

Foxes  On request. 

If you are a restaurant - depending on size Circa £60 a visit. 

Equipment including pigeon spikes, bait boxes, insectocutors and rat traps given as part of the service are charged on top of any visit. 
You will be kept informed and given a choice of any equipment purchases as part of the service. 
Do get in touch on 07979 958 162.
Many thanks