Wasp and wasp nest removal

Wasp and wasp nest removal 

Wasps are a troubling insect when they emerge from hibernation in the spring time. As the summer progresses worker wasps continue to hatch with the level reaching peak around late August. 


Wasp nest removal 

Removing wasp nest in quite dangerous and one does not need to remove the nest to remove the wasps. The nests are mostly mature by late summer and it is at this time that the wasps are at their most prolific and active . 

Professional wasp removal will protect you and your family from the stings.

Please call us to arrange an appointment to remove the wasps as well as the wasp nest. 


The Good Trapping Company's Wasp Nest Treatment:

We offer a complete wasp solution with our fully trained British Pest Control Association certified technicians wearing wasp protective gear during treatment. 

All treatment will be customised to ensure effective control of the wasp nest on its location.

We give peace of mind once the treatment has taken effect (usually within 48 hours) we can remove the now defunct nest for a small call out charge. 

Note, often wasp nests are in cavity and party walls. Making them almost impossible to remove completely. 

If you would like to remove wasp nest yourself we suggest you wait for the colder days in autumn.

How to avoid wasps and wasp nests in the first place: 

Treat the wasp nest as early as possible in the year