GoodNature A24 Rat trap

GoodNature A24 Rat trap

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  • The GoodNature A24 rat trap is a self-resetting, humane, lethal rat and mice trap.  Compact, toxin free, It is easy to install and resets itself after each humane strike, up to 24 times per CO2 canister.

Environments that the Good Nature Traps are effective: 

The  GoodNature A24 Traps are effective on farms, in gardens, stables or even lofts. Whether be in a city or town environment or in a rural setting. The GoodNature traps are safe for pets and uses no poison.

The GoodNature traps immediately kill once triggered without maiming or suffering. The GoodNature Traps  and have been tested to the highest standards both in the UK and New Zealand. 

A24 Rat TrapAbout the GoodNature A24 Rat and Rodent Trap 

 The GoodNature A24 rat trap targets rats in the UK with a pioneering self-resetting trap. It is small, easy to install and delivers a powerful impact that dispatches pests humanely and efficiently every time.

With a long life, sweet chocolate based lure coming as standard with the GoodNature A24 trap, once triggered the dispatched pest falls from the trap which immediately resets itself.

The trap can fire up to 24 times before replacing of the Co2 canister. 2 canisters come as standard. More canisters can be bought. 

Developed and tested in harsh outdoor environments the GoodNature A24 is just as effective in your garden or loft as it is in rural or urban environments, allowing anyone to carry out effective pest control. 

Here is a cut away of the internal workings of the A24: Good Nature Internal Workings A24


  • Humane
  • Resetting technology
  • Straight forward to deploy
  • Poison free pest control
  • Long life lures
  • Highly targeted to rodents
  • Non Maiming
  • Multi-award winning design
  • Certified for use in England - Spring Traps Approval (England) Order 
  • New Zealand designed and made

For guidance and trapping scenarios please follow the guide to deploying the GoodNature Trap here.